Borrowing conditions

  • Refundable deposit of CZK 200 for one paddleboard.
  • Proof of identity must be presented.
  • After exceeding the loan period, the customer is charged a penalty of CZK 200 for each hour started.
  • We only accept reservations for the following day until 19:00.
  • If the rental office is closed, you can pick up a board after individual discovery at the pier between 1 and 2 dam. In this case, the minimum rental price is CZK 500.

Penalties for lost or damaged material:

  • Loss or destruction of a paddle: 800 CZK
  • Damage to the paddle (bent...): CZK 400
  • Loss or destruction of a paddleboard: CZK 8,000
  • Damage to the paddleboard (tear off handles, valve and grip damage, irreversible soiling): CZK 2,000
  • Loss or destruction of a life jacket: CZK 500
  • Damage to a life jacket: CZK 200
  • Loss or damage to the leash: CZK 100

Conditions for long-term loans

It is paid in advance when taking over the Paddleboard and accessories in cash or on account. To rent, you need to present a valid customer ID and fill out a rental agreement between both parties. The refundable deposit is CZK 1,000 per board.

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